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Digital Health Solutions Lab is a ready-to-market solutions kit

We help healthcare industry professionals, researches, NGOs, startups, educators, and other medical sector players by remelting our 5-year experience in HealthTech. Through our innovative apps, systems, modules, and tools we help to advance the healthcare system and contribute into people's health and wellness.

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Intervention Apps

For better understanding and research of people groups' behavior in different situations. Helps outreach workers dealing with injection drug users & changing their risky practices.

Security Privacy


For tracking potentially dangerous contacts. A user-managed application, dedicated to gather information of possible social contacts by periodically emitting special signals.

Patient Diaries & Medical Record Tools

For effective prescription management. It's useful for both healthcare specialist and patient, everyone who needs to take care of the medical recommendations.

Visualization & Analytics Components

For studying and analyzing data correlations.Transforms the data into visual assets that can be presented to the user.

SSI Mobile


For managing medical business processes. Helps to track patient activities from the initial call to the final payment.

Coding & Revenue Cycle Management

For managing medical data. Helps to take control over the patient account from the first call to the final payment.

Case Care Management System

Workflow optimization and everyday management tasks coordination system.



For tracking health status.Helps to check the condition of the patients, customers, or employees.

Enhanced Contact-Tracing Protocol

For social contact tracking apps in order to find, notify and possibly isolate contacted persons.

Behavioral Study Solution

For community research study. Fully customizable, both offline and online modes available out of the box.

Computer Vision/Data Science Solution

Enhances diagnostics & prognostification in healthcare with the help of photos, audio and videos.



For developing useful habits and skills. Helps to enhance your services & products by using customizable games platforms.

Case Finder


Based on AI solution, the app helps manage surveys and researches. Such an app helps to prevent HIV in the groups of risk but may be used to limit the spread of other epidemics.

Epidemics Traction Apps

For tracing signs of possible epidemics or pandemics. Could be an important component of an epidemic response effort especially if the prevalence of infection is still low.



For usability of apps and tools. The vast majority of medical system apps are far from being called user friendly. UI/UX Refiner helps to deal with this problem.



Used for supply chain management to improve logistics and track products from the first to the last mile.

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